It is enough.

“It is enough.”

These three words have wound their way through my mind and soul the last few weeks.

The first time they surfaced was on a much-needed run through the sculpture park in Seattle a few weeks ago. I took a minute to step aside from my running, to walk by the water to hear my favorite sound – the sound of the rocks rolling over one another. And there I saw a sea lion playing in the water. It kept coming up to the surface, and then leisurely rolling on back under: playing, rolling, snorting, blowing, rolling. A playmate was snorting farther off the shore. I smiled and followed the one closest to me on its path as it wound out of view.

I climbed up on the walkway closest to the water and stood and watched. Smiling. The waves were perfect little triangles, reflecting the setting sun. The mountains were majestic in the backdrop. The sea lion, now out of sight, left its presence still in the air. And from somewhere hidden below, those words surfaced. “It is enough.”

And that felt so true and calming and like the first place I had really landed in quite some time. “It is enough.”

And it was. It was enough for that moment to see the waves’ triangular dance. It was enough to see the sea lion playing. It was enough to witness the majestic.

In a space and time when any given moment feels like anything but restful or “enough,” when most of life is too fast paced to provides a substantial place to sit and perch… those three words felt like life itself. Budding forth from within, promising more such blossoms. It felt like a mantra that I could tuck away somewhere and pull out when I needed a breath deeper than tissue.

It is enough.

I pray that this mantra/prayer/meditation continues to find its way to the surface in me as I go. Day in and day out.


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