Simple pleasure #11:

Sunshine. The kind that makes real, robust, focused shadows on all surfaces around you. The kind that makes you squint real hard. The kind that beckons us to play.

That kind of sun, accompanied by warmth, has been hard to come by recently here in Seattle. But yesterday, it was out displaying its many talents. One of which is drawing people out of the woodwork.

I love the feel in the air of the first days of spring, when the sun comes out and everyone crawls out and plays like they are in college again- with no care in the world. The mechanics next door  to the cafe were playing football for a good long while, throwing the ball across the street, running like the game depended on that catch.  This isn’t a neighborhood street.  It’s actually quite busy, and I’m fairly certain that they forgot they aren’t in 3rd grade anymore. But it was great to watch their delight, even as I flinched at their inattention to cars as they sprinted. “Keep your eye on the ball.” (Or is that baseball?)

Dad’s picking up footballs and throwing with their sons. Trampoline jumping. Joggers who haven’t run all winter, getting their jog back on. Walkers walking. Canoes and kayaks.

The sun is a powerful force. And a very simple pleasure. One I’m most grateful for this weekend.


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