The New Artisans

I’m taking deep breaths in a book store. Something I have not done in far far too long.

There is something elemental to entering a bookstore for me. There are literally countless worlds open to me, unending new things to explore and learn about. And art and beauty and and and…

I sat down with a little treasure called “The New Artisans” and was transfixed. I realize in moments like that, I was made to make things and I’ve not done that in far, far too long. As I looked through the whimsical pages, simply overflowing with beautiful images, I felt my shoulders relax and a lightening seep into my form. I felt pulled into the pages, so grateful for the beauty and creativity of the world that I started tearing up. Literally. I know, a bit ridiculous. But I think this speaks to the starvation of creativity and this kind of beauty I’ve been experiencing lately. I can breathe deeper as a result of a few stolen moments with my nose in this book… and have such a hunger to create, it’s a bit funny. It’s almost magical, those pages. For now, I will rest in the creativity of others and the astounding beauty that very nearly accosted me from those pages. This artist, in particular, made me ache. Crazy, but true. Textile, stitching, fabrics utterly beatutiful to me.

I think you just need to see a whole slew of images:

Manon Gignoux

(So, I might need you to just look up this artist yourself. And then go to “images.” You won’t be sorry. WordPress is hating on me right now. Not HTMLing. Or whatever it’s called.)

Or go to this blog – there are some wonderful images there.


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