banana kisses

New favorite thing: “Kiss out-door.” Two-year-old, banana mouth, kiss out-door, specifically. It really can’t be beat. It stays with you up the driveway as you wipe  banana mush off your chin,  smiling at the sweet little fella with such sweet offerings of love and care. He is overflowing with remnants of the banana he just put down to run to the door and give such an offering.

Yesterday it was kiss out-door with toothpaste chin. A little extra fresh breath-ness before stepping out the door. And an earnest face pushing closed the door behind me, as part of the established rule is “kiss, no talking” as you go. I’ve been adopted into this ritual by this 2-year old sweet guy.

And I’m feeling quite grateful for his sweet little self. Banana anointings and all.


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